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The Brian Brane Show songs

One hit wonder listen
Your flies are undone *waves*
The Food Fight Song
Into the clouds (instru-mental)
Into the clouds
Watch the fucking clouds go by listen
Happy VD  listen
The King of the haws listen
The Brian Brane Show's
01 In the beginning
02 Encore  listen
03 I don't like wednesdays listen
04 The grate banana sketch  listen
05 What planet are you from? listen
06 Your girlfriend is easy  listen
07 Pet names  listen
08 Good morning Wednesday  listen
09 Gestures accordingly  listen
10 A fool for love listen
11 *snores*  listen
12 Drops mic  listen
13 That Scottish play listen
14 Hello,Hello (An audience with) listen
15 PULP fusion listen
16 The World on a stick listen
DEAF JAM specials
DEAF JAM!!  listen
Every Day Is Christmas  listen
Good Knight  listen
PARENTING!! listen
WAVES (2006)
Just Friends  listen
Defend by silence  listen
Doctor Who?  listen
An elephant fly  listen
Lord of the flies  listen
It's a penguin  listen
Pen or sword  listen

What is the point
Dropping science  listen
The Earth orange scale listen
NuScience music classes by me
approximation (e~mc^2)  listen
World Peace (iamtheuniverse) listen
iamauniverse (encore)  listen
Why the stars shine listen

Copyright Brian Brane 2001-2018