These songs are instrumental songs with random copyrighted samples
all songs are provided free for use by individuals

Instrumental Copyright Brian Brane 2001-2018

All of these songs contain copyrighted samples
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Samples from
Badgers The A-Team
Futurama Futurama samples mostly
The Reduced Shakespeare Company The Reduced Shakespeare Company []
ALF or ELF [I Known him]
Random samples
Another satisfied customer
Annoyed customer leaves message, Only fools and horses and other samples
Dexters Laboratory Dextor laboratory
Star Trek verse Charlie and the Cholocate Factory
Shooting pain
Star Trekk Voyager
My Wellies Random samples [you're only supposed to blow the door off]
Special Delivery Ask-a-ninja []
That's Who I Am Doctor Who and random samples
SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! Random samples [Show me the money!!!]
Your Every Desire Random samples
A nice cup of ice-T Samples from an interview with Ice-T the music artist and poet
Automatic defense Star Trek, Pulp Fiction and other random samples
Buck Rogers, Monkey, The Fast Show and other random samples
Beyond Infinity
Doctor Strangelove, Independence Day and other random samples
Cheese Wallace and Gromit
Chuck D Samples from an interview with Chuck-D the music artist
Clock tease Dilbert with Jeri Ryan as 7of9
Cunning plan Black Adder and other random samples
Exercising the daemons Random samples
Ed Edd and Eddy Ed, Edd and Eddy the cartoon
F U Morph The Matrix and other random samples with Mike from The Brian Brane Show
Resistance is futile
Star Trek and other random samples
Goodbye Random samples including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monty Python and V for vendetta
Star Trek verse The Matrix
Groovey Chick Random samples
Hello Shakira Samples from an interview Shakira the music artist
Random samples
I am a doctor
Star Trek Enterprise verse the Star Trek Doctors
I did it my way
Futurama and other random samples
I connot bee eve it Random samples
I think she likes you Shaun of the dead
It is time Star Wars verse The Terminator
Its a life form Star Trek The Next Generation verse Star Trek The Original Series
Its official Random samples including The Matrix, Blues Brothers, Dumb and Dumber
I love searching for lifeforms Star Trek The Next Generation verse Star Trek Voyager
Laws of Physics
Random samples
Live in peace The day the Earth stood still, Albert Einstein and other random samples
Make my day Mike from The Brian Brane Show and Dirty Harry [Clint Eastwood]
Max Headroom
Fawlty Towers, Star Trek and other random samples
Meet me 3D
Star Trek Voyager
Mental Health Helpline
Comedy sketch and voice actor samples
The Simpsons and other random samples
Movie mayhem megamix Random samples from films
My thoughts
Star Trek The Original Series and Voyager
Never give up
Bicentennial Man, Galaxy Quest and other random samples
No giving up
Star Trek Voyager
Not (Waynes World) Random samples including A fish called Wanda
Not my problem Random samples including Thunderbirds, Dark Wing Duck, and THHGTTG
On anon Instrumental version of I think she likes you
Oh boy oh boy
Random samples
OH Smeg Red Dwarf
Only for the hardcore UK raver
Pandamonaium (orgasm mix) Free samples from the Internet
Pandamonaium_(This is sparta) Samples from SPARTA and Desert Storm the Game Cube games
Pride and Prejudice Samples from the audio book from LibriVox []
Pee back Comedy sketch put to music
Coupling, Spaced and other random samples
Planet Express Futurama
Spiritual War Fight Club
Stage fight Star Trek The Next Generation and other samples
Standard by ten Blakes Seven
Tactile user interface
Star Trek Voyager and the Emergency Medical Hologram
Tales of interest
Thankyou popjustice Samples from an interview with Sophie Ellis-Bextor
That's why I love Earth Futurama
That was brilliant The Young One's and other related samples
The Daily Show The Daily Show with Jon Stewart [instrumental]
The daily show (with js) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
The Dangerous Brothers DangerVision
The Dangerous Brothers and other random samples
The Hobbot [to here and back again]
The Brian Brane Show : The Hobbot
The Matrix vs 12 monkeys The Matrix verse Twelve Monkeys
This is sparta The Simpsons and other random samples
Apoo [from The Simpsons]
The Simpsons
Ah Pooh
Instrumental from Apoo
Throw it away Winston Churchill [speech]
Time warp (again) Star Trek and other samples
ttfn Winnie the pooh and Tiger too
Turtle [The Blade Runner]
Blade runner and other random samples
Uh oh (hhg2tg) Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy
The Undiscovered Country
Star Trek : The Undicovered Country
Star trek and other random samples
Doctor Who and other random samples
Where I come from
Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hawking impersonators and other random samples
Worse than dead [he's dead jim]
Star Trek and other random samples
www dot what the fuck dot com
Doctor Who, Star Trek and other random samples
Yippee The Simpsons, Star Trek, The Day the Earth Stood still and other random samples
You exist on the peel of an orange The Brian Brane Show's Earth Orange Scale
You go to bed with it Shaun of the dead
You had me
Team America
You're in a lot of trouble mister Thundercat out-takes and random samples

Copyright Brian Brane 2001-2018