World Peace Album Series
Copyright Brian Brane 2001-2016

Album Front cover Track listing Album as a zip file
01 The Brian In You The Brian In You download
02 WP02 WP02-tracks download
The Way Of The Monkey The Way Of The Monkey download
04 EMANON EMANON download
05 World Peace World Peace download
06 The Universe Is Me The Universe Is Me download
07 Frame Of Mind Frame Of Mind download
08 Its A Crazy World Its A Crazy World download
09 Deep Space Deep Space download
10 Monkey Business Monkey Business download
11 Sting Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Butterfly download
12 The Brian Brane Review The Brian Brane Review download
13 An Intimate Affray An Intimate Affray download
Copyright Brian Brane 2001-2016